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Throwdown to Showdown! Pie vs. Fuld

Okay, so apparently the big storyline in Mesa so far this year is the epic battle between Felix Pie and Sam Fuld. Anyone willing to gag me with a spoon now will have my eternal gratitude.

But even in the context of this asinine little contest, Gordon Wittenmyer has gone too far:

Neither has big-time major-league power, a fact better recognized by Fuld, who has less spectacular minor-league numbers but is a more accomplished hitter with a smaller strike zone that he uses to his advantage. EDGE: Fuld.


Let's review. 2007, AAA Iowa, center fielders. FIGHT!

Felix Pie 248 .367 .413 .571 .984 .417
Sam Fuld 63 .296 .397 .442 .839 .375

So, let me get this straight - the "more accomplished" hitter is the one that came up to AAA, put up some very fluky numbers (given his AA performance) in a small sample size, and STILL is .145 points of OPS behind Pie? Or maybe they're talking about accomplishments in the majors - and, well, Pie's .601 OPS there is rather pathetic, sure. But it still dwarfs .333, which is what Fuld is sporting.

Just to make sure that we're on the same page here, let's check the dictionary:

ac·com·plished (ə-kŏm'plĭsht)

  1. Skilled; expert: an accomplished pianist.
  2. Having many social graces; polished or refined.
  3. Unquestionable; indubitable: That smoking causes health problems is an accomplished fact.

I'm guessing that Wittenmyer is trying for the first meaning of the word. Which... no. Maybe if you'd used disciplined, I'd buy... but no. This isn't a freaking beauty pageant here - I do not care if you cringe at how utterly hacktastic Pie is at the plate, he has more skill as a hitter than Sam Fuld.

Oh, and as far as Fuld recognizing his power difficency more than Pie - well I'd freaking hope so. He's 30 or so points behind Pie in Isolated Slugging, best-case scenario. And Fuld is a lot closer to the peak age for power hitting than Pie.

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4 Responses to “Throwdown to Showdown! Pie vs. Fuld”

  1. # Anonymous Maddog

    It's pretty sad when these people who write this stuff are widely read, and often time accepted at their word, despite the fact that they are completely wrong.  

  2. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    The $64,000 question...

    Why does Lou keep insisting that CF is "wide open"?

    1. He wants Pie to "earn it".
    2. He has a mancrush on Fuld.
    3. He secretly is hoping for Hendry to make a trade. (Memo to Lou: I know you don't like Marquis, but Coco Crisp is not a better alternative than Pie.)

    IMO, Pie has a lot to prove in MLB, but nothing to prove in MiLB. The Cubs need to either play him every day (or, at least against RHP) or trade him. Sending him to Iowa will accomplish nothing except diminishing his trade value.

    Could someone explain to me what is going on inside Lou's brain?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous


    JESUS !!!!!!!!!!  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous


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