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It's Kosuke's world, we just live in it

Let's start off with a different take on why Fukudome should hit fifth:

Piniella has said he tentatively has pegged Fukudome for the fifth spot, where he will protect Aramis Ramirez. Japanese baseball analyst Hideki Kuriyama believes Fukudome should start out in the fifth or sixth spot.

"In Japan, the role of the No. 2 hitter is basically to advance the runner on first to second, either by bunting or hitting a ground ball," Kuriyama said via e-mail. "I know that's not the role of a No. 2 hitter in the major leagues. … If Fukudome hits second, it may take some time for him to get adjusted to the new role. He may want to hit Japanese style in the beginning, and that would prevent him from showing what he really can do with the bat."

Am I happy about this? Not necessarily. Do I see the necessity of things that reduce the amount of bunting that goes on in the world? Yes. So for now, fifth it apparently is. Lou might change his mind about that, though.

Fukudome's first batting practice got rave reviews.

Oh, and I get a real kick out of this: apparently Zambrano is trying to pick up some Japanese. Too perfect.


Oh, and Jose Ceda and Ryne Sandberg think Ceda has a shot at breaking camp with the team. Ayup.

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  1. # Anonymous Clay

    This sound like a simple solution: If he bats second, just tell his interpreter to tell Fukudome to get a base hit, and not bunt. I'm no Lou Pinella, but if I want a guy not to bunt or merely advance a runner, I'd just tell him. But I'm crazy like that.

    Nice blog, dude.  

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