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Updated WAR chart for hitters

I decided to do something a little different this time and break down the chart by positions. It helped me sort out some of the playing time issues, at any rate, and I think it's rather nifty to look at. Guys like DeRosa, Cedeno and Murton who are expected to play multiple positions get the most milage out of it.

Geovanny Soto5120.3550.503.28
Henry Blanco1880.3010.500.36
JD Closser480.3230.000.15
Derrek Lee6320.3960.504.39
Daryle Ward500.354-1.430.04
Mark DeRosa220.3420.000.04
Mark DeRosa4220.342-0.571.00
Mike Fontenot2250.317-0.290.16
Ryan Theriot5420.312-0.100.69
Ronny Cedeno1300.331-0.100.37
Aramis Ramirez5720.385-0.193.71
Mark DeRosa1120.3420.000.36
Ronny Cedeno200.331-0.290.04
Alfonso Soriano6210.3710.573.53
Matt Murton1100.3570.290.45
Daryle Ward60.354-10.12
Felix Pie5560.3281.432.66
Ronny Cedeno680.331-0.670.14
Sam Fuld650.307-0.100.06
Kosuke Fukudome5600.3810.953.96
Matt Murton1100.3570.120.43
Sam Fuld380.307-0.100.03
Matt Murton600.3280.000.08
Daryle Ward700.344-1.430.04
6103 26.08

I plan on cleaning up the presentation of this and doing some other things with it, but I'd like to get some feedback on it for the time being. wOBA is still pretty much entirely driven by CHONE, and I plan on doing some minor revising in that department. Pitcher hitting is entirely accounted for, and there's about 200-300 replacement-level at-bats included in there, so I don't think I'm being unreasonable about playing time.

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5 Responses to “Updated WAR chart for hitters”

  1. # Anonymous Maddog

    Playing time estimates look a lot better done this way. Much easier to see and I think these are more realistic than what you previously had.  

  2. # Anonymous Xeifrank

    I like the work you've done on calculating the WAR for all the Cubs players. I have a couple of questions on these calculations.

    1) Have you made any adjustments to take into account "park factors"? If so, where in the calculations did you do that.

    2) Does there need to be a differentiation between the AL and NL league averages for wOBA and ERA if running these numbers for an NL team vs an AL team? If so, what are those different numbers?


    vr, Xei  

  3. # Blogger Colin Wyers

    I haven't done a lot with park factors yet; I probably should do more.

    Yes, there are different values for the AL and NL. If you're interested in doing this for other teams, Sean Smith is graciously hosting this nifty little tool that computes WAR for you. wOBA and FIP-ERA calculators are included.  

  4. # Anonymous Xeifrank

    Thanks, yeah I saw that calculator. When I used it, it had the columns hidden that had the formulas in them. I'd prefer to see the actual formula, then compare it to the way I am doing it. Also, I think park factors are a huge part of this calculation. Especially when looking at teams like the Padres, Rockies, Phillies, Cubs etc...

    So do you know what the league averages are for the NL and AL? That's what is probably in the hidden columns. Perhaps I could reverse enginner it. :)

    vr, Xei  

  5. # Blogger Colin Wyers

    Unhiding the columns should be relatively simple - just select everything, right click on the top and select "Unhide."

    The full method is spelled out on Tango's blog. Replacement bonus for the AL is a half-win higher - 2.5 instead of 2.

    Positional adjustments:

    +1.0 wins C
    +0.5 SS/CF
    +0.0 2B/3B
    -0.5 LF/RF/PH
    -1.0 1B
    -1.5 DH

    For park factors, what I'd probably do is change the average wOBA/ERA to whatever the average would be for the park and go from there.  

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