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Third prize is you're fired!

If you took today as the "Lou goes batshit" day in your office pool... call up whoever's running the thing and demand payment:
"I don't like the idea of our pitching staff getting hit around, whether it's spring training of playing tiddly winks," Piniella said.

Carlos Zambrano, Rich Hill and Michael Wuertz all pitched well to help the Cubs to a 4-1 lead after seven innings, but poor relief pitching by Ed Campusano and Tim Lahey, aided by en error by Casey McGehee, contributed to a four-run eighth inning in a 5-4 loss.

"I'm getting tired of losing ballgames," a visibly perturbed Piniella said. "Even in spring training."


But before he left for the long, two-hour bus ride in rush hour traffic back to Mesa, Piniella said he'd take over some of Larry Rothschild's decision-making on when to use the pitchers.

"I'm going to try to bunch up some good pitching together so hopefully we can win some baseball games," Piniella said.
Well that's nice and pointless. "Mortgaging the future for today" is truly a bad idea when "the future" is the regular season and "today" is the meaningless exhibition.

I get it, I really do; he can't sit around planning for his weekend fantasy draft or read up on the Red Hand of Doom for his Sunday night D&D game when the Cubs keep losing these things. He's got to be a lot closer to this emotionally than me.

Most of my interest at this point is centered on figuring out Lou's idea of his good pitching. That should be informative.

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  1. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    If Lou would have pitched Marmol in the eighth, two things would have been different:
    1. Marmol would have gotten his work in.
    2. There would have been a bottom of the ninth for the younger pitchers.

    That's Lou's fault, not the players'.  

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