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What doesn't kill you, doesn't make you good at baseball

From the Daily Herald: "Diabetes won't hold back Cubs' outfield prospect"

By which they of course mean Sam Fuld.

And you're absolutely right, Anonymous Daily Herald Headline Writer. It's his mediocre baseball skills that will hold him back.

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3 Responses to “What doesn't kill you, doesn't make you good at baseball”

  1. # Anonymous pmayo (the artist foremerly known as gary varsho)

    Why do we have to have these kinds of stories?

    Fuld is just not a major league player. A nice story? Maybe. A nice kid? Probably. Just not a big league player.

    Has any player ever gotten more mileage off of one spectacular play?  

  2. # Blogger Colin Wyers

    We have them because Bruce Miles has column inches to fill, because readers like humanizing stories, and because there really isn't a whole lot going on in Cubs camp this season.  

  3. # Blogger Wrigleyville

    ha. good one.  

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