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Let's blame the Internet!

As we enter Day 235 of the Brian Roberts Hostage Crisis (note: not the actual number of days), it seems we are no closer to resolving this. Jim Hendry says "''There have been no active talks in any trade situation in the last five, six days." (Check the Sun-Times, Trib or Daily Herald.)

This directly contradicts what Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman said recently:

The Cubs and Orioles have resumed trade talks involving second baseman Brian Roberts, and one person familiar with the talks indicated discussions were starting to get serious.

In one of the trade proposals being discussed, outfielder Jay Payton would accompany Roberts to Chicago.

But let's look at the phrasing here of these reports.


The Cubs still want to add at least one hitter by Opening Day, but multiple high-ranking team officials shot down Internet and radio reports this week that trade talks with the Baltimore Orioles regarding second baseman Brian Roberts have resumed in recent days.


The Cubs still hope to acquire second baseman Brian Roberts and an outfielder before the end of spring training, but general manager Jim Hendry shot down Internet and radio rumors that a trade is imminent.

Daily Herald:

The Cubs claimed to know nothing of the information of recent radio and Internet reports that had a deal for Baltimore second baseman Brian Roberts close to being done.

I'm sure Jon Heyman would be interested to hear that he's the Internet now.

Speaking of Internet rumors, by the way, Phil Rodgers has something of one:

Gallagher, Ronny Cedeno and at least one more prospect likely will be moved to Baltimore in any deal for Roberts, but if Felix Pie wins the center field job, the Cubs will need a backup center fielder because Sam Fuld would start out in the minors. As of now, that utility job is Cedeno's to lose, and he's hitting .300.

And if Sam Fuld wins the starting center fielder job, then we won't need a backup center fielder, because Sam Fuld doesn't need days off?

Interesting to hear that it's "Cedeno's job to lose," although I'm not sure how much I can trust those pesky Internet rumors.

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3 Responses to “Let's blame the Internet!”

  1. # Anonymous Maddog

    I think Phil added a "but" when he lost track of his thoughts and then it sounded like Cedeno was going to be in CF. Who knows what Phil was doing? It would be hard to find a less educated baseball person around. Anywhere!

    At least he wasn't making up new stats.  

  2. # Anonymous Dave

    Hey colin,

    Quiet BCB reader/lurker here. Really love what you've got going here. Very entertaining stuff.

    Anyway, stumbled across this on ESPN's Page 2 today. Figured you'd have a good laugh at it.  

  3. # Anonymous Dave

    Ack. It cut the link off. Trying again.

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