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Odds and ends and odds

SI's John Heyman has the latest Brian Roberts rumor:

There is now a feeling in Orioles land that Angelos may be balking at the negotiated haul for Roberts, which according to sources, is a very fair three-player package of young pitcher Sean Gallagher, outfielder Matt Murton and infielder Ronny Cedeno.

We'll leave that without further comment.

The New York Times has a very nice profile of Kosuke Fukudome.

Phil Rodgers previews the season. Some midlights:

The trade of Jones to Detroit opens center field for second-year man Felix Pie, who hit .215 as a rookie. The other options include the diminutive Sam Fuld, who was an MVP in the Arizona Fall League, or moving DeRosa to right field and Fukudome to center


Keep an eye on Bobby Scales. Signed to a minor-league contract, the 30-year-old switch-hitter can play all over the field (primarily second base and the outfield) and had a .373 on-base percentage in Triple A last year.


Carmen Pignatiello: The left-hander from Providence Catholic made his big-league debut in 2007, appearing in four games. He could play a significant role this season, with Will Ohman having been traded to Atlanta, but faces competition from Neal Cotts and a deep cast of right-handed relievers. He'll almost certainly get back to Chicago this season, even if he opens the year at Iowa.

My desire to see Carmen Pignatiello in the bullpen is well known. Scales seems interesting in a "not Mike Fontenot" sort of way. And, well.. I would like to think that Murton would move to right if Fukudome moved to center, rather than opening up a hole at second base. But what do I know?

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2 Responses to “Odds and ends and odds”

  1. # Anonymous Jettero2112

    I'd rather they take Marshall instead of Gallagher, Fuku will not be in CF, he will play RF all season and Free the Pig!  

  2. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    Just wonderin'...

    Does Hendry really want to trade for Roberts? Pinella may like the added speed, but Hendry may not like the concept of giving up good prospects for the right to pay a new 2B $6.8M while paying his erstwhile 2B $4.5M to sit and watch a worthless SS. Hendry may be trying to budget for the mid-season acquisition of a SS after Lou finally figures out that Riot belongs on the bench.

    OTOH, does McPhail really want to trade Roberts? Between losing his leadership on a young team and not wanting to face the wrath of Angelos, his heart may not really be in it.

    We know that Hendry and McPhail are good friends. Could it be that McPhail is "demanding" a price he know Hendry won't pay to get both of them off the hook?  

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