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Brother, can you paradigm?

So, Gordon Wittenmeyer writes his season preview of five players who could have an impact. The fun thing about assignments like this is that you really can't get it wrong; Wittenemeyer chose Fukudome, Soriano, Marmol, Dempster, and Pie; he could've written the exact same piece about Lee, Ramirez, Theriot, Marquis and Gallagher. There's always questions heading into the season; that's why they, y'know, play games to resolve them. So I refuse to get too wrapped around the axel about this sort of piece.

But... but I just have to comment on this:

Alfonso Soriano, LF
Does he have true leadership skills, as in the kind of ability to lead off for a legitimate pennant contender? That's doubtful, even with 100 percent health in his speedy legs.

Um. Last year as a leadoff hitter he and Curtis Granderson were virtually indistinguishable. Nobody sits there talking about how the Tigers aren't a legitimate playoff contender because Granderson doesn't steal enough bases.

UPDATE: Here's another fun one, from the Northern Indiana Post-Tribune, entitled "Table-setter Theriot has speed Cubs need." The lead paragraph is jut too awesome: "Baseball is a contact sport with shortstop Ryan Theriot. " I have no idea what that even means. Who did he "contact" last season? The writer does acknowlege that there's a chance "Ron Cedeno," who is apparently an "infield predator," beats him out for the starter's job in spring training.

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4 Responses to “Brother, can you paradigm?”

  1. # Blogger Ty

    Seriously, though... Soriano as a five-hitter because of his power is an argument worth having on face-value. However, that he's not good enough to be a leadoff hitter for a playoff team? Um... Yankees much?  

  2. # Anonymous jack

    Seriously Colin, you need to send that to the firejoemorgan guys. They'd rip it.  

  3. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    May I ask a dumb question?

    What exactly do Sori's "leadership skills" (or lack thereof) have to do with his ability as a leadoff hitter?  

  4. # Blogger Colin Wyers

    I'm going to presume that it was a play on words "lead" off and LEADership.  

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