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Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in

More Brian Roberts rumors from the Baltimore Sun:

Like Bedard, Roberts is two years shy of free agency, and he has shown apprehension about being on a rebuilding team. Roberts could also yield three or four players, fitting MacPhail's blueprint of getting both quality and quantity in return.

MacPhail has talked extensively to the Chicago Cubs about Roberts, discussing several packages but not settling on one. Trade talks very well could drag into spring training with pitchers Sean Gallagher, Sean Marshall, and Donnie Veal, infielder Ronny Cedeno and outfielders Felix Pie, Tyler Colvin and Matt Murton among the names mentioned.

Several reports have indicated that the Cubs are unwilling to move either Pie or Colvin, a potential sticking point for some members of the organization. And the wild card in the situation remains Orioles owner Peter Angelos, who has long admired Roberts and nixed a trade last season that would have sent him to the Atlanta Braves.
That meshes with what we've heard before - there is no firm deal, but the Cubs are interested - just not interested enough to part with Colvin or Pie.

UPDATE: Hendry comments on these sorts of things to P-Sully:
"I'd still like to add some people before the start of the season," Hendry said. "You can't guarantee that will happen, but we'll keep our options open. We're going to continue to look around. We'll have our scouts all over during spring training in Florida and Arizona."


Roberts is affordable, earning $6.3 million in '08 and $8 million in '09. He has a limited no-trade clause, but those who know him say he's eager to bail out of Baltimore and come to the North Side. Hendry has been given the green light from club Chairman Crane Kenney to increase payroll, and said he doesn't worry that Tribune Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sam Zell, who ultimately controls the purse strings, will affect the way he operates.

Hendry said Kenney instructed him to go ahead and make "a few more additions before camp."

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6 Responses to “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”

  1. # Anonymous Maddog

    I really wonder how much of this is just speculation at this point, Colin. There's been so much written over the last 2 months about Roberts and the Cubs and now that Bedard is gone, all the same reports seem to be coming out with little or no new information.

    I know, i know...yesterday i was saying I thought a deal would get done.

    I change my mind easily.  

  2. # Blogger Colin Wyers

    Corroborating all of the info from Bruce Miles yesterday with the more recent info from the Baltimore Sun (and now the Trib) is useful. Combined with the general sense of things I get from the various forums (NSBB, PSD, Orioles Hangout), it gives me at least a "sense of the moment."

    I don't know if a Roberts trade will happen; I don't think anyone knows at this point. What I do know is that some of the more absurd proposals (the "Pie and Gallagher" rumor, or the "Gallagher/Murton/Cedeno/Veal" from over at OH) are looking more and more suspect by the moment. I think if this does happen, the deal will be much more palatable than folks were suspecting just two weeks ago. The Cubs don't seem as desperate as the Mariners and Astros did.

    The other factor working for us is that it may be that Roberts wants out of Baltimore, and if the Orioles decide to be accomodating, the price could come down.  

  3. # Anonymous cubbiejulie

    Maybe there really isn't EVEN a Brian Roberts deal. Maybe "Brian Roberts" a metaphor for that place where you find the true spirit comraderie and teamwork.  

  4. # Blogger Official Ted Lilly Fan Club

    Cubbiejullie - Here's how we look at this:

    Sean Gallagher for the "Essence of Brian Roberts" and then Matt Murton for Brian Roberts the tangible being.

    The sticking point, of course, is if the Cubs want to trade Pie or Colvin for BRob's flowing locks... which, we think, is a bargain. We'll do a "Prospect for Great Hair" trade any day.

    BTW, Colin. We joke around a lot. That being said, any projection that doesn't give TL his props (ie Cy Young Contention) will be sure to get a smack down from TLFC.  

  5. # Anonymous cubbiejulie

    TLFC--what about Roberts' tan? They're going to want something for the tan.  

  6. # Blogger Official Ted Lilly Fan Club

    The get Sean Gallagher's comedic wielding of a sledgehammer for B- Rob's disarming smile. Not many kids can destroy watermelon like Gallagher, best sledgehammer in the Cubs system.  

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