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No need to fear!


Infield predators both respect and fear Mark DeRosa's slugging prowess, tending to leave him alone in favor of weaker prey.

Wrigley Field

It won't be long now until the predator makes his kill.

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2 Responses to “No need to fear!”

  1. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    Infield predators may leave DeRo alone, but will Lou? Lou is the one who seems out to get him.  

  2. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero


    Your opinion that Ryan Theriot is not a very good baseball player is fairly well known, as is the fact that I agree with you.

    However, every team needs a SS, and "I Don't Give A Darn" has retired. If no ML trades are made, Lou has the following options:
    1. DeRo at 2B, Riot at SS
    2. DeRo at 2B, Cedeno at SS
    3. DeRo at 2B, Andres Blanco at SS
    4. Fontenot at 2B, DeRo at SS
    5. EPat at 2B, DeRo at SS

    I don't think that #3 is tenable, because Blanco's bat is worse than Riot's, and his glove isn't enough to make up for it.

    I don't think that #5 is an option, because EPat seems to be allergic to both leather and alarm clocks.

    I don't think that Lou would consider #4, even if Fontenot has a red-hot spring, because he -- unlike Bobby Cox -- doesn't think DeRo can play SS.

    That leaves #1 or #2. Personally, I would prefer #2 for the same reason that I want to see Pie play against all RHPs: both guys have "upside" if they can just "put it all together". I think we've seen the best that the Riot can muster, and it isn't very good. I'd like to see what older, wiser, Ronny can achieve.

    Remember, even if death is an option for Lou, Alan Trammell is then in the very same situation.

    What would you do?

    Even if Hendry could get Lou to end his mancrush on the Riot, who could he get to play SS during ST?

    Peralta, if he's even available, would cost a bundle. I wonder what the Braves would want for Lillibridge?  

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