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Brian Urlacher has neck surgery

So sayeth the Trib.

The exact nature of the surgery remains unclear. But as one NFL source put it, there is no such thing as minor neck surgery for a linebacker — especially for one who will be 30 in May and has withstood eight seasons of frequent, high-impact collisions.


But the feeling inside Halas Hall is that the surgery wasn't serious and that the perception of a lingering health problem will outweigh the reality. A source close to the matter compared the surgery to typical postseason medical maintenance many players have performed, such as defensive tackle Tommie Harris' recent arthroscopic knee procedure, which had no lasting effect. Similar arthroscopic procedures and microsurgeries that involve quicker recoveries also can be done in the neck region.

On one hand, I Am Not A Doctor. On the other hand... I don't know if there is such a thing as casual neck surgery. So now the Bears have one more question heading into next season.

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