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Be still your beating hearts!

Erik Bedard is on his way to Seattle! Finally, perhaps, our long national nightmare may be at an end!

Oh, and in case Boston fans haven't had enough of a bad week so far... Schilling could be done for the season. Julian Tavarez is so excited he could spit.

UPDATE:Erik Bedard is IN SEATTLE! Except:

The physical is expected to extend into Friday, meaning it's possible that the trade, which will send young center fielder Adam Jones, reliever George Sherrill and three pitching prospects to Baltimore, might not be announced until Saturday.
I think this may well be a more extensive physical than the one I got entering the Marine Corps. This may well involve killing Eric Bedard, giving him an autopsy, and then giving him life-saving CPR at the last moment. It's very involved.

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  1. # Anonymous Max Power

    If this Bedard in Seattle news is true, I feel the phrase "our long national nightmare is over" will be used appropriately for the first time since 1974. God, I was tired of this is-he-going-or-not crap.  

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