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A look at the early returns

Here is the state of the Cubs offense, after four games:

Derrek Lee, .222/.222/.444
Aramis Ramirez, .154/.313/.385
Alfonso Soriano, .059/.059/.111

If you think that there's a chance that our Big Three hitters will play like that the rest of the season, then go ahead and panic. If you think that, presuming they're able to play, there is almost no way in hell that the three of them hit like Ryan Theriot for the rest of the season, then relax.

[Before I catch hell for that comment: Lee's OPS currently is .666. Ramirez's is .698. Theriot's OPS last season was .672. Just saying.]

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1 Responses to “A look at the early returns”

  1. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    Actually, I'm more worried about Ramy's shoulder than his OPS. I doubt that his shoulder is affecting his swing, but he may have to take time off because he can't throw very well right now.

    Sori will heat up May 1st.

    DLee will wake up within a week.

    Soto has had some real good ABs and a few real bad ones. He'll be OK.

    I have no confidence in Riot or Pie ever heating up.


    Lou's reason for hitting Riot 1st or 2nd is that he is trying to "spread out" the lineup -- he doesn't want DeRo batting as high as 5th, and he doesn't want a Soto-Pie-Riot-P bottom of the order.

    Choose your poison:
    1) The current lineup, with black holes 2nd and 8th.
    2) A Soto-Pie-Riot-P at the bottom.

    Which would be less bad?

    Also, what is so bad about DeRo batting 5th (Dome 2nd)? Buck Showalter liked him there. How about DeRo 2nd and Dome 5th so there is a LHB in the middle?  

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