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Serving leftovers

It's late, and I'm really uninspired right now - so it's a good opportunity to reheat some old content and serve it.

Bleed Cubbie Blue, the Cubs site where I got my start writing about the team, has recently switched to a new hosting platform. The upshot - at least for this post - is that all of the "diaries" I posted over there are now available as a blog.

I'll go ahead now and highlight some key posts - ones that I don't entirely grimace to read later.

The Official Ryan Theriot Sucks Diary - "But it is to say that the Cubs would be reckless and stupid to go into 2008 with nothing but Ryan Theriot and a bunch of prayers at shortstop. He's just not very good." As true today as it was then! (Sadly.)

2008 Offseason Guide - Looking over it, I think I did pretty well - Ohman and Jones got traded, Fukudome got signed. I was wrong about pitching - the Cubs got Lieber, and actually it wasn't a bad deal. The market didn't go quite as crazy as I expected.

...yeah, not a lot of output there. In good news, the huge archive of morning headlines should help me whenever I think "Hey, I remember an article that said..."

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1 Responses to “Serving leftovers”

  1. # Blogger Don Gerard

    Cesar Izturis sucked. The Bush Administration sucks. The season finale of Project Runway sucked.

    Ryan Theriot is a solid, young player with speed, attitude and perseverance.

    What's your beef with him?

    I mean, I can see "Ryan Theriot should be a bench player" or whatever, but, geez, lighten up, Francis.  

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