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Jason Marquis is not making friends and influencing people

From his post-game presser:

"I love Chicago," Marquis said. "I definitely want to stay here. This is the place I want to be. I signed here for a reason. But I also signed as a
starter, and I think that's where I help the team the most. Obviously we'll see what happens when it's time for [the Cubs] to make their decision."

"So as much as I want to be here in Chicago -- I love it, I love the fans,
I love the stadium -- I also have a family to worry about, too. I think I can
take my services elsewhere if that's the case and I can help another team, in that capacity as a starter.

"So, my value doesn't lie in the bullpen in my mind."


Marquis was then asked if he'd specifically ask for a trade if he lost out to Lieber and Ryan Dempster, who appears to have the No. 3 spot sewn up.

"We'll cross that path when it comes, obviously," he said. "I've got to take the ball whenever they give it to me and get guys out."


Lou fires back:

"Well, if that's the case, he can go somewhere else," Piniella said. "Win a spot in the rotation, you don't have to worry about it. ... I've got seven starters here for five spots, you know? It's a little bit too early to start talking about what he wants to do or not do."

Piniella reiterated he has never talked about using Marquis in the bullpen if he doesn't win a spot.

"I've never said that," Piniella said. "I'm giving him a chance to compete and win a spot in the rotation."

After answering a question about Kerry Wood's performance, Piniella stopped in mid-sentence and began talking about Marquis again.

"You know, that galls me about Marquis, it really does," he said. "I'm not pleased with that comment. We've had a good camp over here, everybody's getting an opportunity. Go out and win a spot in the rotation."

Piniella has not spoken to Marquis about his situation and was caught off guard to hear Marquis was basically giving the Cubs an ultimatum.

"Sure it's a surprise," he said. "We've got seven guys here that are competing for spots in the rotation and everyone is going to be given an equal chance. After the first start of spring training, saying if I'm not going to make the rotation I'd like to go somewhere else?

"He can go somewhere else right now if he wants. How's that?"

Is now a bad time to note that the Boston Red Sox had a scout watching Marquis today?

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6 Responses to “Jason Marquis is not making friends and influencing people”

  1. # Anonymous cubbiejulie

    I'm officially declaring this a "feud," and it's my favorite feud ever.  

  2. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    Jason shouldn't have said anything publicly, but Lou didn't need to pour gasoline on the fire.


    You're not playing for Bobby Cox anymore.  

  3. # Blogger Colin Wyers

    Julie -

    "Feud" implies that its something long-running; I have a hunch that tells me this is going to be very short-lived. And, on that note...

    DMH - Maybe he is playing for Bobby Cox now. The Braves are a team that could probably use another starting pitcher. Who knows?  

  4. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    I doubt that he is going back to the Braves, as Hampton looked good today.

    My point is that Bobby Cox would have poured water on the fire, saying something like "I'm glad he wants the ball every 5th day. I don't want guys who just want to sit in the bullpen. Let's see how everything works out."

    Lou chose the opposite path.  

  5. # Anonymous Chris Iafolla

    Marquis probably just sealed his fate with that comment--regardless of how he pitches. Sweet Lou is not one to be crossed. Marquis has all the talent in the world, but always unravels after the season's all-start break.

    As a side note, and I know you were just making a joke, but the Braves are not in need of another starting pitcher. In fact, if Hampton is healthy (I know big if), they have one of the deepest rotations in the NL. So far, early indications on Hampton are good--he pitched two scoreless innings todau.  

  6. # Blogger Colin Wyers

    Chris, Marquis has some of the talent in the world. At his absolute best he's going to be a mediocre groundball pitch-to-contact guy; he's never had "ace" stuff.

    And you contradict yourself - if the Braves had a deep rotation, they wouldn't need Hampton to be healthy to preserve that depth; depth is when you can stand having a pitcher come up lame. And the Braves have a fair amount of injury risk wrapped up in their rotation, especially given the average age.

    So the Braves could be a team in the market for an insurance policy by the end of spring training. I did probably stretch it a bit to make the joke, but they were a team last season that was very shallow in the rotation; they've taken some steps to address that but it's still an issue.  

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