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News crumbs

It's Cactus League Opening Day Eve for the Chicago Cubs, and that means... flavorless recaps of the same news that us "obsessive" fans have been reading for months, repackaged for those fair-weather fans that know little about the offseason, except we got some guy named Fukudome.

But buried in the styrofoam peanuts of news coverage are some real tidbits of info.

P-Sully says that Fukudome wants to steal more bases. Yes, because obviously this is the best time to try and add a new element to your game. Thanks, Lou. Oh, and:

Rich Hill, who didn't walk one batter in Cactus League action last spring, is working on a new delivery.

"Just trying to quicken it up, take away some of the running game," the left-hander said.

Piniella said Hill will use the delivery "whether people are on base or not. I think that's going to help him. He has a nice bright future."

Am I the only one who remembers how Larry Rothschild's last foray into helping Hill control the running game fared?

Oh, and:

Felix Pie has a slight lead over Sam Fuld for the job in center field, but both could be overtaken by a surprise choice if the Cubs decide to trade for Boston's Coco Crisp.

On that note, folks, I've come into a source of my own, and I have a little nugget to pass on. Derrek Lee has the first baseman's job wrapped up going into spring training, but he could be overtaken by a surprise choice in Daryle Ward if he's eaten by the Loch Ness Monster.

Oh, and over at The Cub Reporter, AZ Phil says that Lou was "transfixed" by Murton in BP. Seems like he's driving the ball with a lot of authority in BP. Which... gee, a patient hitter with decent doubles power developing into a better power hitter as he enters his Age 26 season? Nope, absolutely no way that resembles the standard aging curve for an MLB hitter. No way that you could predict this at all!

Next you'll be telling me that maybe, just MAYBE, his ability to MOVE may have meant he was a better defensive outfielder than Floyd and Ward last season, too!

I have decided there's only one way to adequately describe my feelings about this:


That's right - the road alternate jersey!

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    You are seriously hilarious (or something) at times.  

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