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Pasturized imitation link product

It's a slow news day, so Fred Mitchell talks about Lee Elia's famous rant. This site is named after that rant, so I feel obligated to mention it.

The Cub Reporter has moved. Apparently they felt like they weren't able to swear enough as members of MVN. This is their third location in the past year or so - maybe one day they'll get blog-wives and settle down or something, maybe hook up with a nice Chicago Bandits blog and have some blog-children.

An object lesson as to why you should avoid forums at all costs. "Your linear weights are too generic for me. I'm just going to subtract CS from the numerator of OBP and add SB to the numerator of SLG!" Help me I am in hell.

The box score for today's game is here. It should update live. Or be a true rebel, and visit the Secret Gameday Link. I make no warranty, guaranteed or implied, about what should happen if you follow that link. Gameday isn't officially operating yet.

And a warning to commenters - anyone caught complaining about the lineup of a spring training game on this blog will be summarily hung without trial.

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