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You go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had

Those of you hoping that the Cubs make a few more moves this offseason may be disappointed, sayeth Bruce Miles:

Cubs people said Wednesday that nothing is imminent on any front and that recent talks with the Orioles have yielded nothing.

Hendry addressed the situation Wednesday during a news conference with field boss Lou Piniella as pitchers and catchers reported.

"I'm always disappointed when we don't make the club better when you feel like you might have an opportunity," Hendry said. "This has been a really strange off-season. The magnitude of the trades like (Johan) Santana and (Erik) Bedard made in February are hard to believe. Hopefully, there will be some deals that'll be made. We're going to keep our options open on how to make the club better if we can."

Roberts and Byrd appear to be the ones that got away. I understand the high price on Roberts, even if I don't think the Cubs should pay it, but the trade demands for Byrd strike me has having been simply absurd.

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1 Responses to “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had”

  1. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    I think the price of Marlon Byrd will come down at the end of ST if Josh Hamilton is still healthy, and if Milton Bradley is ready to play OF.

    I don't like Hendry's and Pinella's quotes -- it sounds as if they are giving themselves a built-in excuse for failure. If the Cubs don't reach the WS (or even win the division, for that matter) it will be because they couldn't replace DeRo with Brian Roberts -- even if DeRo has an .800 OPS. The fact that Riot will probably end up with a .650 won't be part of their thinking.  

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