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This is the song that doesn't end

So now the fine, feathered folks at Orioles Hangout are saying Brian Roberts might be going to Seattle with Bedard. Okay then.

So if that happens... the Cubs need to find a right-handed Juan Pierre somewhere, don't they?

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  1. # Anonymous moethacker

    I like your site and enjoy your posts elsewhere around the web. Good luck!
    Given the Cub's blogosphere's impatience and disdain for Hendry, can you imagine if Angelos was the Cubs owner? The internet might not be big enough to handle the commentary.
    As much as I dislike MacPhail, I'm starting to feel for him working for this guy  

  2. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    On the one hand, something as totally unsubstantiated as that rumor is probably best ignored. On the other hand, it does make sense for both teams.

    The M's are concerned about Lopez -- especially about his concentration level and work ethic -- that they were thinking of bringing in Loretta to push him. Betencourt has a wonderful glove and some power, but he doesn't have consistently good ABs. The M's need to win while Ichiro is still in his prime, as the Japanese market is very important to them. They also have to suffer through one more year of Sexson, an older Ibanez, and an inconsistent Beltre while trying to match the Angels. Roberts would make sense as a high-OBP, stabilizing influence on the infield.

    From the O's perspective, they would get a 2B (and maybe a SS) with a high ceiling as well as Adam Jones and the others. That's a whole lot of building blocks (some are ML ready) for two players who won't make a difference for them in 2008.

    Question: if this deal were to happen (which I doubt), would Hendry stop looking for MIers, or would he go after someone else?  

  3. # Blogger Colin Wyers

    MacPhail, in my estimation, was unsuited to circumstances in Chicago. He was devoted to the proposition that a baseball club should be built the "right" way, focusing on homegrown talent and using complimentary free agents - and not paying much above perceived value.

    There's nothing wrong with that philosophy in the abstract, but to do that every so often you have to say, "We're taking the season off." Now, you can sugarcoat that, but it is what it is. To maintain constant contention, you have to be willing to over commit resources and have the resolve to write off sunk costs and move on.

    I think he's much better suited to the current situation in Baltimore, which is in a reconstruction mode. So I wouldn't use his Cubs tenure to completely write him off in the future.

    If Roberts is unavailable (which could happen for many reasons - the Ms could get him, the Indians could get him, the Os could decide they need to keep SOMEONE around to keep the season ticket holders happy), then I don't think I see the Cubs going after anyone else. They seem to view 2B as a luxury upgrade, not a real need. (They do seem to overvalue the luxury if the Gallagher rumors are true, but still.) They could well make a smaller middle infield pickup for depth purposes. But I think the main focus is as someone they can use as a platoon partner for Pie.  

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