The Other Fifteen

Eighty-five percent of the f---in' world is working. The other fifteen come out here.

Oh? Really?

File this little tidbit from Mike Imrem's latest column under "Things I Don't Believe:"

But comparing [Rex] Grossman to [Eli] Manning is like comparing, say, a quarterback to an eye doctor.

(Coincidentally, the Manning family patriarch was a great NFL quarterback and the Grossman family patriarch played the position at Indiana University before becoming a great eye doctor.)

Coincidently? Honestly? You want me to believe that you coincidently compared the occupations of their fathers... and then looked it up just in case? Because if you knew about it, then it wasn't a coincidence at all.

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2 Responses to “Oh? Really?”

  1. # Blogger Ty

    Heh! Funny sports writers.  

  2. # Anonymous Frank

    Since when has Archie Manning been a great NFL quarterback? His career QB rating is lower than Rex Grossman's! Granted that he played on some terrible teams, but even his best years weren't all that stupendous.  

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