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Team Defense in the NL, Season to Date

I've been away for a while, mostly working on stuff for GROTA. I do a lot of stuff with Zone Rating in a post there recently, mostly having to do with how the Cubs line up defensively. But to get there, I had to figure out +/- ratings for every player in the NL. Funny how that works out, huh. You can find that data on EditGrid, as usual.

But, as an added bonus, here are the totals by team for everyone in the NL:

STL 32.93151
ATL 17.72968
SD 16.24524
HOU 14.94331
LAN 13.56041
PHI 9.173859
CHN 6.625689
WAS 1.453572
NYN -1.26417
MIL -3.81383
ARI -5.69194
COL -8.97945
CIN -10.5495
SF -20.3379
FLA -30.6143
PIT -31.4122

If you're wondering where St. Louis' out-of-nowhere pitching performance has come from, well, there you go. The Brewers really are an upgraded team on defense. The Reds are not. I'll confess I find the Marlins surprising, given that Hanley Ramirez picked this season to start being an average defensive shortstop. (We'll see how long that lasts, won't we.)

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