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A few links for your reading pleasure

Just how important is blocking pitches in the dirt? Some very cool work by Dan Turkenkopf. Some discussion over at Tango's blog.

Pitch type leaderboards at Fangraphs. Through 2002. If you're like me, you're sitting there going, "Do extreme curveball pitchers have a notable effect on their BABIP?" Add that to my growing list of projects.

Micah Hoffpaiur is probably this year's Jake Fox - a guy who makes a splash in spring training despite the fact that he doesn't hit well enough for the corners, and can't play anywhere but the corners. Makes you wonder what we have Daryle Ward for, I guess.

Also, Fukudome doesn't mind playing center:
"If he tells me to play center field, I'll play center field. I have played center field a full season in Japan, so I'm very comfortable. I have played more in right field, but I can play either position. It shouldn't be a problem."
Hmm. New corner outfielder signing saying he doesn't mind playing center. Where have I heard that before?

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  1. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    Sox fans have to be thrilled. Supposedly, one of the reasons Dome chose the Cubs over the Sox was that the Cubs promised him RF and the Sox wanted him as a CF.

    I doubt that he will want to play there every day -- or even shuttle back and forth in a platoon -- so it's probably just an emergency thing.  

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