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Lou is acting stupid

Again. His latest comments:

"I'm getting a little concerned about a couple of our guys," Piniella said. "Look, we don't have much longer. I'm going to have to start getting them in there a little more often. Forget these days off."

I haven't been one of those fans that thinks that every decision Lou makes is right, because Lou is the one making it - but I have been pretty pleased with him as a manager as a whole so far. I'm starting to question that line of thinking.

2 Responses to “Lou is acting stupid”

  1. # Anonymous Maddog

    I don't necessarily agree with it, but since it's not going to hurt I'm not going to fret over it. I'll defer to Lou's managerial experience here.  

  2. # Anonymous DeRoMyHero

    Lou has done plenty of things I don't agree with. The biggest one so far is complaining about what he doesn't have ("I need a LHB lead-off MI") rather than maximizing what he does have (i.e., hitting DeRo 2nd and Riot 8th).

    This sounds like a plea to Jim Hendry to go ahead and trade the whole farm for Roberts. After all, Hendry might be the GM here for quite a while (depending on the new owner), but Lou likely won't be here more than 2-3 years. Hendry is trying to be prudent, but Lou doesn't care about the farm.  

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