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How to build a powerhouse

The New York Times has a nice look at a joint lecture with Brian Cashman, the Yankees GM, and Theo Epstein, the Red Sox GM. I think both of them are spectacular at what they do, and it's great to get insight into the way they build teams.

Of special interest is this bit on popular Yankees superstar Bernie Williams, whose departure from the team was... less than cordial. Williams was essentially forced out, and many Yankees fans weren't pleased.

Cashman said that Williams was terrible in 2005, but that he brought Williams back as a farewell in 2006. After Williams had a solid year, he wanted to return for 2007. But Cashman did not sign Williams. Cashman said that Williams’s music career “took away from his play.” Interestingly, Cashman said that Joe Torre, who was then the manager, looked for ways to play Williams in 2006 “ahead of guys who could help us win,” so Cashman did not want that to happen in 2007.
I think sentiment has a place in baseball, but not when it drastically impedes your chances at winning. And managers often seem to ignore that, and it's unfair to the fans (otherwise known as the "paying customers") in the long run. Doubly so if you replace "Bernie Williams" with "Neifi Perez."

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