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Maury Brown looks at team salary

The Biz of Baseball is a great website, and Maury Brown does a great job of breaking down team finances.

On one hand, don't expect to be too surprised at the generalities. The Yankees and the Red Sox are wildly outspending everyone. The Marlins and the Devil Rays aren't spending anything.

But it does put to rest the idea that only the rich teams can compete. Rich teams like the White Sox and the Mariners went home empty-handed, while poor teams like the Diamondbacks and Rockies made deep playoff runs.

As far as the Cubs went - they placed eighth in salary overall on opening day, but by the end of the season had crept up to fifth place, with $115 million in salary. Only the Red Sox and the Yankees, of all the playoff teams, spent more per marginal win. But at least they made the playoffs, right?

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