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Who wants to win, anyway?

Ever read a sports column in a a major newspaper and thought, "Well, I could do better than that?" Well, the Chicago Tribune has an ongoing effort to disprove that theory: View From a _____ Fan, where fans submit short pieces for inclusion into the paper. I'm guessing the operating theory is to try and make the staff writers look better by comparison without being too obvious about it.

Today's effort is spectacular in this regard.

There have been times that the Cubs have been embarrassing to a town that loves its sports, but for the most part, they have always had decent players to root for, a picturesque ballpark to watch a game in, and plenty of good food and refreshments to keep anyone happy. We all tend to label the Cubs the biggest "losers" in baseball but isn't that hypocritical?

We aim to teach our kids sportsmanship and that winning isn't everything. We're appalled to see video of parents driven to rage when their child is not performing up to expectations; or umpires in little league games being mauled for questionable calls. We want our kids to play hard, have fun and when it's all over, congratulate the other team regardless of the outcome.


In a culture where the term "healthy competition' is more acceptable than "good sportsmanship" it's time we look at our beloved Cubs in a new light. When I reminisce about all the joy, sunburn, laughs, exuberance and disappointments I've had at Wrigley, it's hard to imagine it being any more pleasurable if any one of those seasons ended in a championship. When I think about the generations of people who have had the same experiences, sharing them with friends and family over the years, it's hard to imagine them being any better if the Cubs won a championship. Sure, the Cubs haven't won a World Series in a 100 years, but to me, they'll never be losers.

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